Home Remedies For Cough That Really Works

Do you know why sometimes we cough? Are you wondering if there are some home remedies for cough available to stop your agony? Coughing is actually a natural response generated by our body to expel any substance that blocks or gets into the airways and to keep your throat clear.

We do cough once in a while which is considered the norm, but if excessive coughing occurs that might indicate that there could be some problems somewhere in our respiratory system. Typically, these excessive coughing could be due to ordinary health issues such as sinus, flu as well as cold.

Cough Home Remedies

Home Remedies For Cough

Sometimes, cough can be accompanied by phlegm. In this case, the cough is known as productive cough but if very little or no phlegm at all is present, then the cough is known as dry cough. Whatever the cough that is affecting you, here’s some simple and easy to follow home remedies that could help you to soothe your throat and relief your coughing almost immediately. A typical cough generally could last up to 10 to 14 days before it actually clears up.

Cayenne Pepper For Cough

You might be wondering what cayenne pepper can do to help with your cough. In actual, cayenne is one of the plants that belongs to the capsicum family of vegetables. Generally, to make cayenne pepper, cayenne is grinded into powder form and the usual color of cayenne pepper is bright red and it taste hot and spicy. Nowadays you do not have to grind your own cayenne pepper as it has become an ubiquitous item. Cayenne pepper can be easily obtained from any local grocery stores in your neighborhood as well as most supermarkets.

home remedies for cough and congestion

The main reason why cayenne tastes hot and spicy is because it contains a rather high concentration level of capsaicin. Capsaicin is a substance that can stimulate the mucus membranes lining of our nasal passages helping to drain and clear stuffiness, blocked nose and nasal congestion.

In fact, the spiciness taste and smell also stimulates a kind of secretion that is able to break up nasal congestion even quicker. Although cayenne pepper is great in helping to relief your coughing, taking too much cayenne pepper at one time could cause stomach irritation as well as upseting your stomach especially if you are not very used to eating hot and spicy stuffs.

home remedies for cough and cold

Home Remedy For Cough Preparation

To prepare your own remedy for cough, you can add cayenne pepper into any type of foods be it bread, pizza, vegetables, milk, or even a glass of water, etc. The best practice to rid your cough is to have 3 servings of some cayenne pepper a day. You can add a teaspoonful of cayenne pepper into a glass of warm water and drink it a couple of times until the cough no longer persists.

If drinking just plain old water is too much for you, you can add two tablespoon of squeezed lemon juice and some honey as well if you like. You can add according to your taste, and usually your coughing will cease almost immediately upon the first consumption. The cough relief effects could last up to a couple of hours.

You can try this cough remedy at home for as many times as you like but do take note that if your cough still persist after three days, do consult your doctor for proper medications.

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    Aside from that you can also eat horseradish, hot chili peppers, and other spicy foods. Spice will help in loosening mucus.

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