Home Remedies For Dry Feet

Are you suffering from dry feet? Home remedies for dry feet are what you need to get relieve from the pain. Many of us have suffered and some are still suffering from the dryness of the skin in and around our feet.

It can happen for many reasons such as improper diet or too much exposure of your feet in harsh environments which happens mainly during winter. Our feet are the base of our body so when we suffer from dry feet, we struggle in various ways. The dry skin causes itching, irritation, burning sensation and sometimes also bleeding.

Walking around or even standing can become a painful task if the conditions get aggravated. In these conditions, we generally go to a physician and get loads of medicines to get rid of the problem. But, there are many useful and very effective home remedies for dry feet available. We will discover some of these techniques here:

home remedies for dry feet

Home Remedies For Dry Feet

1) After your day’s work, put your feet in a large vessel of warm water. Mix sea salt or vinegar in to the water. That will clear out the dry, dead skin from your feet and revitalize the new skin. Scrub of the dry skin of your feet with care. Don’t apply too much pressure.

2) Keep your feet in for about 20 minutes. Then, dry them with a soft towel gently. Then use olive oil or almond oil or the mixture of both to message your feet. You can use warm oil for better results. This will help in growing new skin on your feet and also moisturize the affected skin.

3) Another method is to use a warm mixture lavender oil, honey and sea salt. Use 4-5 teaspoon of honey, 2 teaspoon of lavender oil and very little salt for preparing the mixture. Massage your feet with the mixture. This is one very effective home remedy for dry feet.

4) You can also massage your dry feet with coconut oil every day before taking bath. Coconut oil is an excellent nutrient for our skin.

home remedies for dry feet

Lifestyle and Diet Are Also Important

These are some of the very useful dry feet home remedies. But, you have to also be careful with your diet and lifestyle to dry feet at bay. Remember that a dry foot occurs due to lack of zinc and moisturizer. Eat more vegetables and peanuts every day, use a moisturizer regularly for your feet, and always keep your feet clean and free from germs.

In fact, if you follow these instructions you will not need any of these remedies at all. Also, if the condition of your feet becomes too bad, consult a physician for proper treatment. Otherwise, you can try these home remedies for dry feet first and see how the situation goes.

home remedy for dry feet

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