Dry Mouth Remedies

Getting to know and learn about dry mouth remedies is essential especially if you have been affected by dry mouth problem. Dry mouth is a rather common problem which occurred in several millions of people all around the world.

The condition is defined as a situation whereby the mouth’s salivary glands do not produce enough saliva for normal mouth activity such as chewing, swallowing or even talking.

The purpose of saliva is all too important. Most people are not aware that saliva which acts as a natural protector for our teeth by washing away any plaque that build up in the mouth. Moreover, saliva maintains a healthy balance within one’s mouth. Thus, it is essential that one learns on dry mouth remedy as well as understanding its causes.

dry mouth remedies

Dry Mouth Remedies

Most remedies for dry mouth focus on eliminating the initial causes of the problem. Thus, through understanding the cause, one can understand which remedies they may use to solve it. Most people are unaware that most prescription drugs have dry mouth listed as side-effect.

While in most case, the dry mouth effect is temporary for the duration that one takes the medicine; its effects may become more permanent through constant long-term use of such drugs. Another cause of dry mouth is frequent dehydration. Taking too little water throughout the day may make one’s mouth to become excessively dry.

One of the best dry mouth remedies available is the use of liquid artificial saliva. Most pharmacies stock this product and it is easily accessible as it does not need any prescriptions. This artificial saliva helps replace saliva in the mouth and has a long-lasting effect as it is not easily washed away.

dry mouth remedy

One very inexpensive remedy for dry mouth is to chew on sugarless gum. Chewing gum helps awaken one’s salivary glands while the sugarless option is to avoid any cavity problems that most people with dry mouth often have.

Moreover, one can also try breathing through their nose while they sleep at night as well as investing in a humidifier. Using these dry mouth remedies and techniques help keep one’s mouth and nose sufficiently moist all the time thereby preventing dry mouth from re-occurring.

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