The Odbo : The Best Korean Natural Skin Care Products

The odbo products are created by one of the well known global company called the face shop. The odbo features a wide range of skin care products ranging from moisturizing creams and whitening lotions to anti-wrinkles and darkspot removals. It is generally suitable for all skin types and age. The face shop is a notorious company based in South Korea for cosmetics and is very popular among women in the Asia region.

The company is best known for its skin care products which are 100% made from natural ingredients and this is what makes it stand out against the rest. The concept of this unique skin care from natural ingredients truly made their products ever so sought after. Some of the more popular products created for skin care are: the odbo phyto aqua emulsion and aqua soothing silky essence.

The Odbo BB Cream

This ever popular BB cream is specially created for sensitive skins. It provides great protection against the effects of skin damage from the exposure to harsh environments such as drying and wrinkling effects. Odbo BB cream is best applied when going outdoors as it can keep your skin smooth and radiant by ensuring your skins stay healthy. Read also about Missha BB Cream.

odbo products

The Odbo Aqua Soothing Silky Essence

As the name suggest, aqua soothing silky essence is a great moisturizer. It is a moisturizer in cream form that is non-oily or greesy and is very light and can be easily absorbed when applied onto the skin. It does contain a mild fragrance that makes your skin feels fresh. This moisturizer is best applied onto the skin before you go to sleep by slowly pad it on your face. The cream will work its way on your skin during your sleep. Use it every night regularly and you will notice the result of a very smooth, hydrated and radiant skin. You can apply it during the day as well to keep your skin properly hydrated all day long. Besides the deep hydration, aqua soothing silky essence also prevent your skin against ageing while preserving the skin’s elasticity. Alternatively, you can read this eternal youth anti-aging skin care for more anti-aging tips.

As the odbo offers a wide range of facial skin care products that caters for every facial needs, there are also other great products in the line such as the odbo sunblock pact, collagen hydra mask, peeling gel, sleeping pack as well as their ever famous the odbo wrinkletox serum.


the odbo peeling gel
The Odbo Peeling Gel



the odbo review
The Odbo products carry this logo


Where To Obtain The Obdo Products

the odbo korea site
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Like anyone would think that in order to get the odbo products, one would go to any face shop outlets to get one. But the reality is you would be surprised to find that odbo is not for sale anywhere other than in its home country, South Korea. As to date, the only place to obtain this face care product is to visit the headquarters of The Face Shop to get the odbo in Seoul, South Korea. See image above.

Also read why are korean cosmetics so popular.

BB Cream–Korea's Secret Magic Makeup!

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  1. Kim says

    The Odbo is not a “The Face Shop”‘s products. It is a “brand” which comes up newly.
    There is no official web-site yet but there is a official store in Korea, Seoul. The web-site would be comes up soon.
    Please do not write wrong information.
    Thank you.

  2. cai chen says

    A new bottle of wrinkletox serum I bought is empty.I’m a chinese traveler,Ibought the odbo products in seoul.But now I’ve back to China.

  3. Yoel says

    Hi all ,
    I’m tour leader from Indonesia, I go to Korea 2-3 time a year..
    FYI : ODBO product is guaranteed by Samsung insurance.. If you in tour traveling u will meet the odbo shop, face shop is same company with ODBO, but ODBO have Samsung insurance .. Below add in Korea for ODBO/Face shop..:
    89-21 yep hui-dong, seodaemun-gu,
    Seoul ,Korea
    Tel.(02)323-1268 Fax:(02)323-1221

    (1f),41-1,Seongsan-dong, Mapo-gu
    Seoul, Korea
    Tel:(02)323-1168 Fax(02)333-6010

    Email :

    FYI too : everytime I return to Jakarta I bring 1 luggage full of ODBO product for sale to my friend…he heheh
    I Madam Linda will delivery goods to you if you request over USD 1000 free shipping!!!!

  4. Soohye says

    Hello all,
    I’m Korean live in South Korea. I’ve never heard of the odbo, however, my friend live in singapore asked me to send the comsmetics of The Odbo, so I tried to find out this cosmetics, however, I could not find out any infromation of it through NAVER( this is the major portal site in Korea), and read some articles about The odbo only googling. Moreover, all pages are made by other country and written in English.(not Korea)
    I don’t know the truth, but this is certain that most Koreans don’t know The odbo and I’ve never seen The odbo products in the FACESHOP store I’ve visited. Anyway, this is really interesting posting…and I will tell my friend that I cannot buy and send The odbo product from Korea. In my opinion, maybe, those products are handled only in Singapore.

  5. happygal says

    I just came back Korea after helping frez to buy some Odbo product. I went to the Tax Free shop located in Mapu-gu (about 20min walk) form Mapu-gu office station if you wanna make an attempt to go.
    The shop itself carries some other random brands of comestic. The product is locally make so only tourist would buy this brand. For those who have used it would love it and for whose who’s skeptical about this product..I suggest you give it a try before concluding whether a not is a lousy product.

  6. Lian says

    Hi, are odbo products for pregnant woman too?

  7. BANNY says

    could anyone tell me the price of The odbo Total Care Program ($) ? thanks in advance…

  8. Sally says


    I’m so glad to learn that someone in Singapore carries ODBO products. Could someone please advise me where I can get O2 Bubble Cleanser?

  9. Dorothy says

    Hi, anyone interested to buy odbo sunblock, masks, peeling gel, aqu essence, wrinkletox, eceg essence n shape memory essence? Price negotiable.
    Email me at

  10. Jamie says

    I bought 2sets of Odbo total care program which consists of 4 wrinkletox, 4 eceg essence n shape memory essence from Korea during a group tour holiday and wish to sell 1set. Please contact me via email if u r keen. Thanks

  11. Jessly says

    Hi, I have odbo Bb cream selling at low price.. Bought it when I went to Korea last yr.. Selling at low price. Email me @ if u r interested )

  12. Ald says

    Hi Hying, so you got the odbo product direct from korea?
    Cause there is some places selling this odbo but if we look at the manufacturing date, is already one year old and some are even worst. Manufacture in Feb 2010, means coming to 2yrs. The lifespan of the product is only 3 yrs is that true?

  13. Ald says

    Yes, is true that Odbo is not under faceshop.

  14. Chong says

    Hi, my husband just bought so many odbo products for me and I can’t finish using all of them. Instead of keeping them for use over a long period, I rather sell the balance and buy fresh odbo products when I finish using current ones. Anyone interested please email me at I will be selling at the price I just bought from korea. It is cheaper than when it is on sale in singapore next year.

  15. Joanna says

    Just wondering are you a genuine seller of odbo products? I have been placing order in your website at sns-comestic skincare twice for the past three weeks but I did not get any response from you and you keep telling us to order the products from you?????????

  16. margery says

    在韩国导游领着去了一个化妆品免税店:The Face Shop。里面主打这款化妆品the odbo,买了一套,等现有的用完了,再用它。

  17. Luren says

    I’ve been using OBDO products since start of 2010 and my skin condition has improved tremendously ever since. I bought it in Korea in a store specially for foreigners or maybe Singaporeans only and subsequently, bought from other singaporeans who had excesses. I once got a friend to buy it for me in Korea and told her that she could probably find it in faceshop. However, she was told that OBDO products are only sold in the HQ of faceshops.

  18. says

    The Odbo is actually not manufactured by The Faceshop. Just that this product happen to sell in this store together with The Faceshop products. The Odbo is manufactured under Samsung.
    For those who are interested in getting The Odbo products can check out our website at:
    We organize spree every month for a wide range of Korean skincare products.

  19. Jessica Ooi says

    Hi~When is The Odbo products will come to Penang of Malaysia?

  20. Arie says

    Hi… I am reside in Indonesia and I am handling ODBO. I am personally using it and happy with the result. If you need anything from ODBO pls feel free to email me. I do have hongmian face mask from Korea. It’s a hydrogel mask. Thanks.

  21. Feline says

    Dear all,
    I’m not trying to be skeptical or insulting the Odbo.
    I don’t know if the products are good, worth for the price, or something else.

    But sadly, I will tell you all that the Odbo is not from thefaceshop.
    Here are some guidelines that you may want me to show if I’m telling you the truth.

    First, all of thefaceshop products has thefaceshop logo on it. Printed, or embossed, our products have the logo on the package

    Second, our logo is THEFACESHOP, no space, with the word “FACE” is written bold. see the official site to look at our logo at

    Third, if the store sign is written thefaceshop, you may concern that all the products displayed are from thefaceshop, because the counter only sells thefaceshop products, not mixture with other skincare products like from skin 79, etude, skinfood, etc.
    I hope, this will clear the missunderstanding and helps you guys.

    as I said earlier, no hard feelings.

  22. flo says

    So much been said about the ODBO BB cream, what is the SPF. More than 30?

  23. cel says

    Where can I buy odbo products in the philippines?Thanks

    • Jenny Trame says

      The odbo products can only be purchased from The Face Shop HQ in Seoul, South Korea

  24. lorraine lim says

    hi i like to hv the obdo price list and the pdts and their ingrdients as i hv to consult the doctor first. email me at thansk!

  25. SnS Cosmetic Skincare says

    Hello Stella, there is no shop selling this product. I am a regular seller of this product plus all other Korean brands. Please visit my blog at for more information. I am base in Singapore.

    Thank you

    SnS Cosmetic Skincare

  26. stella says

    Hello, I am Indonesian resident
    first,I bought The Odbo skincare products while I was touring in Seoul.Where I can buy this brand of products in Indonesia?

  27. SnS Cosmetic Skncare says

    Hi everyone, I am a regular seller of The Odbo product. I can provide the stocks you need and I am base in Singapore. You can look into my website now
    My new site for E-commerce site will be up soon with all diff brands of Korean Skincare. Please look out for that soon.

    My email is

    Thank you

  28. Esther says

    i would like to buy this obdo product, pls email me this price list. thank you.

  29. Yani says


    Are you the genuine seller for odbo? It seems you are quite skeptical about this product in your previous correspondence.

  30. Park says

    Hi. I’m selling odbo cosmetics directly from Korea. I’m handling every kind of odbo products in reasonable price. If you are interested or want to buy odbo products from here, please e-mail me to the following address. Thanks.

  31. Anonymous 2 says

    I personally have try many brand of product as I dp have sensitive skin and some red spot on my face. youi name it and I have tried it except for a few. Its true that all brands somewhere some how have a certian effect on each individual skin. But from what I have experience and what my gangs of friends who use The Odbo after I recommended to them, they are very happy and astoinished at the the fact that this product is very effective at a lower cost compared to those international brands. Who cares whether you are Estee Lauder or Chanel or SK II. But its so damn expensive and promise so much things in their ads. But in the end, result not that fantastic. I did not say that no result, but with the amount we pay for those top brand, you can buy The Odbo 3 times. Also if you compare other Korean brands, I still think The Odbo is out standing bcos of maybe I think the ingredient in it and the ratio of the combination that makes it works. I have tried branded stuff like O Hui and Sulwhasoo or even The Face Shop. To my disappointment, its not very responsive on my skin and sames goes with most of my gang. So the answers is I want result and not brands? I believe those have brain will rather spend less and get something have result than spend more and get same result or lesser result mostly. Thank you

  32. Maggie says

    If the seller insuring their products against damages the health of consumer, consumer might rest assured that using the products. But it doesn’t mean that insurer supports seller’s products, does it?
    I would like to say that the pricing of product not only is base on quality but also the cost that the seller paid for marketing such as inviting celebrities to be spokesman or spokeswoman, putting an advertisement on the radio or on television, etc.
    Buying one bottle of Sleeping Pack in The Odbo (it’s not well known in South Korea) cost Won 29100 (Tax free) and buying 5 get 1 free. The average is Won 24250.
    Buying one bottle of Sleeping Pack in LANEIGE (Laneige is a popular brand in South Korea even in North Asia.) cost won 20100 (Tax free) and buying 5 get price 10% off. The average is Won 18090.
    I have not idea for this difference but commission.
    I DID NOT say that the products of The Odbo are not good. I just was wondering whether its quality’s worth its price.

  33. Gal says

    All, i just came back from south korea trip end of Dec 2010. I am a very sceptical person to using new facial products. our tour guide brought us to this nature republic for facial talks. i super regret that I only bought one set! My question is: Sabestian, how can I assured its genuine to get from SNS?

  34. Anonymous says

    Sad to say why people like Jenny & Maggie be upset about all these. By the way what she said is not correct too. Maybe she cannot find ways to get it as she is one of those internet seller and no choice thats why need to bad mouth those who sell The Odbo as its getting more in demand as compared to herself who is selling other brands.This is the only reason I think of,if not where got so free to bother about other people business unless they are KAYPEE O la….haha….By the way, I personally uses The Odbo product and they can only be found in 2 Face Shop in Korea. I go there almost every 2 months for business, so I know the place quite well. This is a very high potency product with good result. Honestly, who cares about brands!!! As long as it works and its being sold in a proper shop. Moreover if you see those product on The Odbo packinging you will realise a Samsung Insurance logo. Tell me for those who think, if this product is really so bad and lousy as some claims, then Samsung would be the most siliest company to insured The Odbo which will result them in loosing money big times. Mind you, Samsung is the biggest MNC company in South Korea. Can you find such insurance garanteeing brands like Etude House or Missha or Mamonde or Laniege or Hanskin or Skin 79 or Tony Moly????? Hahaha. I bet you there isn’t any and is use at your own risk. But of course, the insurance for The Odbo is only valid for local Korean usage only. But at least we have a MNC company behind this Odbo show the quality and the integrity of this brand. So you people decide yourself. I used to buy my stuff there but now I found a few online seller selling it and I start buying online which save me the hassel to go to The Face Shop to get which is out of my way in Korea. You can try website like or or
    All these have quite a wide range of such product. Have a good day.

  35. Maggie says

    Hi Jenny, I just come back from Seoul, Korea. I visited Faceshop HQ and bought some Odbo products. Because I had visited the Faceshop HQ and saw the situation there, I totally agree with you. I think it’ll be my last time to buy Odbo products.

  36. Jenny says

    The truth is that ADBO is only popular among Singaporeans who travelled to Korea. (No Koreans would know about this brand) It’s because Adbo is only sold in shops targetting group travellers from China and Singapore. Korean cosmetics are usually natural, mild and works well on asian skin and I am sure adbo may be just as good. But I just couldn’t let people be decieved that it’s the “superior” cosmetic line of faceshop. Please keep in mind that Faceshop HQ is right in the middle of Seoul CBD (shinmunro)not mapogu. Also, If adbo is a brand officially launched by faceshop, it will at least be listed in faceshop homepage. You could equally (or even more)be satisfied and pay less for products from Sasa and etude….and mamonde, hanskin, skin79, toni moly if you are shopping in Korea.

  37. Jenny says

    The bitter truth is that

    ODBO is not at all known by Koreans but only those singaporeans who travel to Korea. The reason is that it is sold in only at shops targetting groups travellers from China Singapore Malaysia etc. I’am just not sure if the quality’s worth the price. You will find same or better quality products in Faceshop, Sasa and Etude and Hanskin, skin79, mamonde, sulhwasoo if you are travelling Korea. Let’s face it. If it’s a proper brand launched by faceshop, it should be included in the homepage or at least easily found by googling.

  38. Nancy Tauy says

    I am a Singapore resident
    I first bought odbo skincare products while I was touring in Seoul
    Where can I buy this brand of products in Singapore

  39. Gracie says

    hi, i’m going to Korea soon and would like to get some of the ODBO products. Can i have the address of the HQ too. Thank you.

    • Jenny Trame says

      Sorry couldn’t help. I do not know where the HQ of the face shop is. What I only know is that it is located in Seoul, a few minutes drive away from the Korean Parliament Building across the river.

    • Jenny Trame says

      This is the address of The Face Shop where The Odbo is bought (translated from Korean 서울, 마포구, 성산동 41-2 ) : Seoul, Mapo-gu, Seongsan-dong 41-2. Hope this helps. Tel No : 02-323-1168

  40. Titan says

    Hello, if anyone have any doubts about The Odbo products, please pay a visit this website as this person is selling The Odbo products and I have purchase from this site too and I got my goods. So if you say that The Odbo is not a real product then how can this person got his goods from Korea? I hope this answers all the above doubts that Park have. Thank you.

  41. Maggie says

    Excuse me. I would like to buy the Odbo product. Please kindly provide me the address of HQ of The Face Shop. Thank you a lot.

  42. Park says

    I don’t understand about the above story –> “Like anyone would think that in order to get the odbo products, one would go to any face shop outlets to get one. But the reality is you would be surprised to find that odbo is not for sale anywhere other than in its home country, South Korea. As to date, the only place to obtain this face care product is to visit the headquarters of The Face Shop to get the odbo Korea, in Seoul.” –> This is absolutely not true, there are no odbos in headquarter of Face Shop, and odbo is not a brand or product of the Face Shop in Korea. Don’t do lie. Please let me know if you have any good answer about this.

    • Jenny Trame says

      The Odbo is indeed a product of The Face Shop and it is only available in the HQ in Seoul, South Korea. There is no reason to lie as The Odbo is a genuine product. Maybe the store that you went to is not the HQ as you think, and therefore you are not seeing any The Odbo product there. Anyway, you can have a look at another person’s blog here: The author of that blog is purchasing real The Odbo products during the visit to the HQ of The Face Shop. And yes, the store in that picture is the HQ in Seoul. Hope that helps clarify your doubts.

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