Lose Tummy Fat

Losing tummy or belly fat is so important nowadays that it has become a must for people who want perfect body figures. Whether you have notice it or not, your tummy and your waistline could greatly affect your overall body figure, which is especially true when it comes to your very first impression to someone.

This first impression is particularly telling. Often, a flat tummy and a trim waistline gives the impressions of good health and a good lifestyle, whereas a bulgy tummy coupled with a large waistline shows a not-so-attractive personality.

This is an unfortunate truth that tummy fat could bring a negative first hand image on that someone, and that not-so-attractive body figure can be a major turn-off as well.

Lose Tummy Fat

As such, it is really not surprising to see that most people irregardless of age, want to have a great figure without that ugly bulging fat belly. Some even undergo risky procedures such as tummy tuck liposuction simply to remove those fat. All they really want is a perfect and slim body figure.

Now putting first impressions and looks aside, excessive tummy fat is, in fact unhealthy. A bulgy tummy and a large waistline not just affects people who are overweight, but even slim people can be affected. Fats accumulation around the abdomen area known as visceral fat is generally a warning sign of more health problems to come such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, diabetes, cardiovascular disease among others.

lose tummy fat

So how do you lose your tummy fat?

Accumulation of tummy fat is typically linked to eating too much oily or fatty foods coupled with a lack of exercise. Although there could be several other reasons as well, the lack of exercise is usually the main contributor to the problem. As such, you can lose your tummy fat by working out and exercising more regularly.

Make it a habit to go to the gym, or take up swimming classes. Here’s a guide on exercise method that will help you lose your stomach fat effectively. These are the most effective methods to lose tummy fat. If that can even be too much for you, you could opt for an easier solution by cycling or doing brisk walking. Although the result might not be as great, doing these exercises regularly instead of occasionally could prove helpful.

What Diet Is Best To Lose Tummy Fat?

Also watch your meal if you want to lose those fat in your tummy. Eating at inappropriate time could in fact exacerbate your situation and making it worse. Eating at improper time especially right before going to bed is an absolute no no. Besides, you must also take note of what you eat. Plan your diet properly and include a good amount of vegetables and fruits. Also read about foods you should avoid to lose weight.

Also make sure that you are constantly and adequately hydrated by drinking enough water. Yes you heard that right, drinking water can help you lose weight! Always remember that the key ingredient in the metabolism of fat is water, and so burning of your tummy fat will be inefficient when your body is constantly dehydrated.

lose tummy fat diet

Other Causes Of Tummy Fat Accumulation

Accumulation of tummy fat could also be caused by menopause. Fats normally start accumulating around the waist and tummy area during and after menopause. Additionally, the older you get, the harder it becomes to lose those fats as more and more fats get accumulated in your body when your body’s metabolism rate goes down the more you age. Therefore, the amount of fat and calories burned will gradually decrease as you grow older.

Sometimes, bulgy tummy could also be caused by solid wastes or faecal matters accumulating in the colon over a long period of time. It is actually somewhat disturbing to know that a person could be carrying some 7lbs to 10lbs of faecal matters around in the body each day. The best solution to this would be to get a colon cleanser from your local pharmacy. Herbal slimming supplements and detox drinks might also be a good help.

Finally, genetic can also have a role to play in the accumulation of your tummy fat. If you have observed carefully, you will find that there are certain type of bodies where body fats tend to accumulate more around the abdomen area. Although this is all linked to how your gene is programmed, there is generally no way of changing it. The best you can do is to maintain a good posture at all time, be it walking or sitting, a good body posture can help avoid fats from accumulating around your tummy and hence helping you lose stomach fat.

In addition, also learn how to manage your stress. You can find some help with these great relieve stress tips. There are also studies which have found that certain hormones are being released into the body when one is stressed. These hormones cause the liver to produce more sugar which could in turn contribute to more fat accumulations around the tummy.

Also check out how your glands could affect weight loss too!

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Getting Ready To Lose Tummy Fat

So start today by ensuring that you live a good lifestyle and safeguard your body figure, and yes, you are able to lose those fat slowly but surely.

Finally watch these 5 hidden dangers in your diet if you seriously want to lose weight!

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