Sore Feet Remedies

Are you looking for sore feet remedies? Sore feet is one of the most common complains especially for those who spend most of their time walking and standing. This is also a major complain for people who are engaged in sports and also those who loves wearing high-heeled shoes.

The feelings of sore feet is not only disturbing but could also affect your day to day life. But luckily can you get away from this agonizing pain with the help of some sore feet remedies that have long been proved to be effective.

sore feet remedies

Sore Feet Remedies

So what are the remedies? First, you should soak your feet into a bowl of cold water for about 10 minutes. Once the time has passed, soak your feet into a bowl of warm water. The warmer the water, the better but you can adjust the temperature of the water accordingly depending on how much heat you can tolerate.

Now do this for another 10 minutes. After that, place your feet back into the bowl of cold water again. By now you should have noticed that the pain has somewhat eased.

Another treatment that works is to apply ointments onto your sore feet. Apply a good amount of pain reliever ointment onto the affected area of your feet and let it work. It should help reduce and alleviate the pain that you are feeling. You can also consider stretching your heel cord at the back as well.

This can also help relief the pain. Other remedies for sore feet include using an oil to massage your feet. Natural oils such as olive oil and coconut oil are excellent. Read also dry skin on feet here.

What You Should Do To Relieve Sore Feet

Until your sore feet is completed cured, you should prevent yourself from wearing high-heeled shoes in the meantime. Avoid them if possible. Wearing high-heeled shoes will only intensify the pain. Instead, get yourself a pair of comfortable shoes. A comfortable wear can help your feet breath and relax.

In addition, try to minimize standing for too long especially if you are standing on hard surfaces. Never ignore the seriousness of the pain from a sore foot. If you do not take the issue seriously, you might one way wake up with an even bigger problem.

Not only that, try to maintain good body composure and watch your weight. Being too heavy would only further burden your already suffering feet. So get yourself back in shape is not only vital for your feet, but also for your overall health. Find eating habits to lose weight here.

Although the sore feet remedies illustrated above should work, but if the condition does not improve even after following these remedies, you might want to consider consulting your doctor for a proper diagnosis. Doctors could prescribe the right medicine for you in an attempt to relieve or ease your pain.

If the pain still persists, then it might suggest that you might be having some serious foot problems and have to be ruled out by a qualified medical practitioner. Condition like this should not be ignored.

sore feet remedies

All in all, you should first try these sore feet remedies and see how they go for a couple of days before finally resorting to consult a doctor. See if these remedies worked. Again, if the pain persists, always remember not to ignore the pain even if it does not hurt.

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