Remineralizing Enamel

Although remineralizing enamel is not at all impossible, the fact that the tooth enamel is a dead composition makes achieving enamel remineralization a bit hard. As the tooth enamel is a dead substance, there is no way it can regrow by itself.

It is only formed during the growing period of the tooth. Being the hardest and strongest substance in the entire human body and even stronger than our bones, enamel can withstand great impacts such as chewing and crushing of hard foods. Also as enamel is made up of more than 95% minerals, calcium phospate specifically, its main weakness is very prone to acid erosions. Once enamel is lost through erosion, it can never regrow.

Besides that, when the body is in need and is short of calcium, this vital mineral is leeched from the enamel of the teeth in a process known as demineralization, making the teeth prone to softening of the enamel leading to decay. Therefore, maintaining a diet rich in mineral particularly calcium is important.

Remineralizing Enamel

Remineralizing Enamel

Remineralizing Enamel

Remineralizing enamel in actual is a natural process. It is the exact reverse of enamel demineralization. Enamel remineralization a natural ability of the enamel in repairing itself. It is a slow process that enables the enamel to gain back what is lost through acid erosions gradually provided the condition is right. Enamel remineralization takes place through the interaction between saliva and minerals obtained from your diet.

Although enamel cannot regrow by itself, minerals can be added on to the enamel layer through saliva in a process known as enamel remineralization. Studies have found that only the enamel has the ability to remineralize whereas the dentin, the layer underneath the enamel does not show to have this ability.

Enamel Remineralization

All that you ever need for remineralizing enamel to take place is to have a teeth that is clean, more saliva production, and a diet rich in vitamins and minerals and also try to avoid taking highly acidic foods and drinks such as lemon juice, sodas as well as sugary foods. Those highly acidic environment around your teeth will not only erodes your teeth, it also prohibit remineralization process from take place. Using an enamel toothpaste can be a great start.

Maintain that state and after some time, you will start to notice that your teeth is becoming less sensitive as your enamel layer gets remineralized slowly. Remineralizing enamel is hard to achive and it takes time. Be patient and once you get the idea of how it works, you will never have teeth problems again.

Demineralization/Remineralization of Orthodontically Treated Teeth – Domenick Zero

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  1. mark says

    Hi. Matt..
    have you tried quitting smoking and gtten your mineral levels up?!…….teeth cant remineralize without the proper building blocks…do a seacrh for this and your answer lies there…..

  2. matt kelly says

    i brush my teeth twice a day and floss and drink no soda or candy and no sugary or acidy foods and i still get cavities. what am i doing wrong?

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