Kiwi – A Powerful Mouth Ulcer Home Remedy

Looking for effective mouth ulcer home remedy to get rid of that painful effects quickly? Look no further, the best mouth ulcer remedy lies in a special acidic fruits called kiwis. Mouth ulcer is the appearance of small white spot inside your mouth.

It can appear on the inner wall of your mouth, your tongue or even on the inner side of your lips. Also known as canker sore, mouth ulcer can cause severe pain and can be agonizing to eat or even drink. Although there are currently no scientific evidence that shows kiwi fruit is able to heal your mouth ulcer, there are however many people who have reported significant improvements in getting rid of these canker sores.

They are gone in as little as two days and have been reported to be even more effective compared to mouth ulcer gel, over the counter drugs, prescriptions and medicines. Also, there are no chemicals involved and you do not have to risk anything. Eating kiwi is just completely safe.

Mouth And Tongue Ulcer Home Remedy

This natural remedy works because the highly acidic components found in kiwi fruits are able to cure the sores. Have you ever experienced that your tongue gets that prickly feelings after eating kiwis? It is the acids that cause this sensation and this is also what makes the canker sores to eventually close up.

So if the pain from the mouth ulcer is killing you, try taking a kiwi a day, preferably half in the morning and the other half in the evening. Take it for a couple of days and your canker sore will surely close up.

mouth ulcer home remedy ayurveda

Mouth ulcer can get uncomfortable and painful when it grows too quickly and hence, it is best that this mouth ulcer home remedy is applied when your canker sores have just started to form. Compared to a typical condition which did not use any remedy or treatment, mouth ulcer can take one or two weeks to clear up on its own.

But with this kiwi remedy, it can usually clear up in less than a week depending on severity. So the next time you have mouth ulcer, or if you are already having one, give kiwi a try! Read also about sore throat remedies and wisdom tooth pain remedies here.

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  1. Raghu says works
    luckily i had kiwi yesterday and their is some change..

  2. Basma says

    I figured this out myself.. I get mouth ulcers since I was a teenager… I tried many stuff.. then one day I had kiwi and thought of trying it too… it works like magic! from the first time of use, you find some change in size in the ulcer on the next day! 3 days and it starts to fade away completely and the pain is gone… i put a piece of it directly on the sore just one time a day for about 15 minutes… it stings so much at first then the sting vanishes..

    I tried to freeze the kiwi just in case I had the sore and I cudnt find the kiwi, but it didnt work! frozen kiwi dont work like fresh ones!

    • Tedd Ruppin says

      It’s great you’ve tried that, it really works.

  3. Mouth Ulcers says

    Fenugreek leaves help in the treatment of mouth ulcers. An infusion of these leaves is used for gargling. Fenugreek is a
    strong agent on the ulcers. Hence it is used as a remedy for recurrent ulcers

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