Home Remedies for White Tongue

Having a white coating on your tongue can be plainly uncomfortable as this comes with so many demerits including the fact that it’s embarrassing and may limit your ability to interact with third parties freely and comfortably as you will be afraid of opening your mouth for fear of others seeing the condition of your tongue.

This condition is also usually associated with bad breath and that is one reason why many people seek home remedies for white tongue as soon as they begin suffering from it.

Keep in mind that lack of adequate water in the body is one of the main causes of the condition and as a result, drinking of large quantities of water throughout the day is one of the very effective white tongue home remedies. As soon as you see your tongue coated in white then it may be a sign that you are getting dehydrated.

Even if you don’t want to drink water, you can switch to natural fruit juices or other healthy fluids instead and drink them throughout the day. In a couple of hours, you will be able to see noticeable improvements on your white tongue problem.

home remedies for white tongue

Home Remedies For White Tongue

Another great home remedy for white tongue is to brush your teeth frequently and observe the other rules of dental hygiene. This is especially important at night, just before you go to bed. Always make sure that you brush your teeth and stop consuming any food after that. While brushing your teeth, make sure you focus on the tongue as well and try to scrub it thoroughly with your toothbrush as this not only helps you to get rid of the white tongue but also fights against bad breath too.

home remedy for white tongue

Although there are many home remedies for white tongue available, rinsing your mouth with salt water is yet another effective one. This remedy is especially effective if you experience the white tongue problem accompanied by bad breath too. Ideally the salt solution should be warm enough and be gargled thoroughly to completely get rid of the white tongue, which in this case, is usually caused by bacteria in the mouth.

The salt water acts by killing the bacteria so you can gain relief and once you do this for about three times a day, the color of your tongue should return to normal within a few days. Read also about mouth ulcer home remedy here.

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