Home Remedies For Vertigo : Stop The Spin And Dizziness Now

Looking for home remedies for vertigo? This article will show you what you can do to deal with this illusion problem. In actuality, vertigo is not a disease like many people have misunderstood. It is actually a symptom of other health problems such as low blood pressure, inflammation of the inner ear, arterial hardening, and occurrence of calcium carbonate stones in the inner ear causing increased fluid pressure and among others.

Vertigo is actually a balance disorder. It is a condition where the sufferer would feel abnormal dizziness and having an illusion of things around him or her are moving around when there is actually no movement at all. The environment might even seem to be spinning to the sufferer and hence a loss of balance, double vision, nausea and even vomiting.

Depending upon the severity of the condition, vertigo might not actually be a life threatening condition. It may be resulted from inflammation or injury of the inner ear, building up of pressure of the fluids in the inner ear as well as injury to the neck and head.

Before we look at some effective home remedies for vertigo, let’s take a look at some of the common causes of the condition first, and they are:

  • Seasickness or motion sickness
  • Low blood pressure
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol level
  • Diabetes
  • Neck and head injuries
  • Buildup of calcium carbonate stones in the inner ear
  • Inflammation of the inner ear
  • Injury to the nerves
  • Hardening of arterial walls
  • Brain tumor

As there are many reasons as to why vertigo occurs, you should get the condition checked by your doctor or a medical practitioner. Finding out the underlying causes of the symptoms is important before any treatment can be done.

The most common cause of vertigo is the interruption of blood supply to the brain. When blood supply to the brain is reduced, symptoms such as vertigo develop.

home remedies for vertigo

Home Remedies For Vertigo

Generally if you are suffering from vertigo, there are things in your diet that you need to watch for, and they are:

  • Eat more vegetables and fruits
  • Consume food products high in protein
  • Stop consuming coffee
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks and beverages
  • Reduce sodium intake

In addition to the list above, consuming strawberry yogurt with some milk and almonds have also been known to provide great relieves for vertigo symptoms. While these home remedies are great, they aren’t complete without incorporating ginger and ginkgo biloba into your diet. Here’s why.


Ginger is a herb that has been known for centuries for its anti-nausea properties. Similarly, it can also be used to treat other problems such as seasickness, queasy stomach, vertigo and is also very good for indigestion.

Ginger particularly ginger root has the ability to halt the symptoms of vertigo as soon as it strikes, making it one of the best home remedies for vertigo symptoms. It can even halt the symptoms almost instantly. Therefore, keeping some slices of ginger root may be a good idea as they come in handy in times of needs.

Ginkgo Biloba

Besides ginger, one should also take ginkgo biloba, another Chinese herbs great for vertigo. Ginkgo biloba can be taken in the form of supplements. It works by promoting blood flow within the body. With more blood flowing uninterrupted to the brain as well as to other important parts of the body previously reduced by arterial hardening or even narrowing, the symptoms of vertigo can be greatly reduced.

home remedy for vertigo symptoms

More Home Remedies For Vertigo

On the other hand, if your vertigo condition is diagnosed to be caused by calcified stones in your inner ear, getting rid of them is essential. As the fluids of the inner ear that keep us balanced is disturbed by these stones, dizziness and spinning feeling may occur. Hence, removing them is essential.

In this case, the home remedies for vertigo would include the use of hydrogen peroxide to loosen these lodged stones and some positional therapy to help dislodge the stones.

Depending on how severe the stone buildup is, smaller stones are usually rather easy to remove with just hydrogen peroxide.

In addition, you can also perform some simple positional therapy to help. Start by sitting on your bed with a pillow right on your back against the wall. Then slowly tilt your head to the left until you are half way to your shoulder. Now do the same for the right side. Repeat this therapy again for a couple more times and it will help loosen and dislodge the stones for easier removal when used in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide.

home remedies for vertigo

Nonetheless, if these home remedies for vertigo above does not help much or the symptom persists and does not improve, you should not hesitate to seek medical help for your condition. Your doctor would definitely know what treatment is best for you.

So, get yourself in full control today and start having a better quality of life.

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  1. Jeremy Walton says

    I’ve tried everything and seen every specialist in my area with no results. My vertigo can last up days at a time and its completely debilitating, I wake up dizzy and stay that way all day. Then nothing for weeks even a full month with no symptoms. I’m 39 and very active, I just completed a Spartan race and I’m in the best shape of my life. Vertigo is ruining my life!
    Please advise
    Thank you

  2. Gloria says

    Really tired of this. Help.

  3. sandi says

    Habitual vertigo sufferer. I have had it straight for the last few months. I’ve used the drugs, neck adjustments and exercises but just can’t get id of it. I am as deliberate as I van be with head movements that I am even aware of position while sleeping. Even getting out of bed and turning head is planned. I believe I ha BPPV. Thanks Sandi

  4. Jewel Anderson says

    My brother is 71 years of age and has a terrible time with vertigo or Meniere’s disease. He takes something for nausea and motion sickness. The symptoms are worse at times than others and come and go. He goes to his family doctor and an ENT but still has problems.

  5. Harold says

    I have been getting dizzy spells off and on for a few months now. Got diagnosed with BPPV. They did not do a MRI or CT. But I have done your two tests. And I did them fine. I can walk with my eyes closed. But when my eyes are open I have to walk really slow so I don’t feel like I am falling.

  6. Dana Bailer says

    Woke up with vertigo this morning. Had it for a short time about 20 years ago, so recognized the symptoms. I recently starting seeing a chiropractor for a neck injury. Have had a couple of full rounds of PT without much change. Wondering if the chiro is making it better or worse. Thank you in advance for video. Enjoyed the short video above. Always feels better to know I’m not alone…. or crazy. Thank you!

  7. Diane says



  8. Fran Castillo says

    when I get my vertigo, I feel it on my right side. I feel a tightness and it also affects my vision where I am sensitive to light.

  9. James Lawson says

    54-year-old male good physical condition good diet vertigo seems to come on after I workout stays for a couple days then reoccurs about every month or two

  10. Paul says

    Am experiencing vertigo on and of,, however, it was so terrible on the last attack that i vomited. The vomiting and the unbearable spinning only occurs when am lying on my left side. Is there any assistance for me

  11. elissa says

    please send the video. thank you

  12. Becky Roe says

    I experienced vertigo a couple of days ago. My dog woke me up at about 6:00 am to go outside and do his business. When I got back in bed, the room started spinning. I felt like I needed to hold onto the bedclothes in order to keep myself from falling out of bed. When I did get up for the day a couple of hours later, I was slightly lightheaded, but it definitely was better than it had been. I made it through a busy day without any problems (just stumbled a couple of times). Then at approximately 10:00 PM, I stumbled and fell when getting off the couch. I made it to my bedroom by stumbling and holding on to the walls as I went. Like someone mentioned in an earlier post, you would have thought I was drunk, really really drunk. I tried to sit up after awhile in order to get out of my clothes and put on my nightgown. Just sitting up was impossible without extreme vertigo. My husband had to help me. The next day he took me to the ER. After a wide array of tests, I was told I had a stone in my middle ear which is causing the dizzyness. I’ve never heard of such a thing. A kidney stone yes, but never an ear stone. Don’t know how long it will last. I was given Meclizine and Zofran. Working pretty good so far, though I was quite tired today.

  13. RJ says

    Please send me more information about vertigo treatments, thanks

  14. Gail Lilley says

    Please send me the video.

  15. Julie says

    I have had vertigo on and off for years and have had it checked with MRI’s, and it all comes back fine.i I got hit with it 3 days ago, again. Cannot walk a straight line, everything is spinning and very nauseating. I am currently doing the Epley movement, not helping. Do you having any suggestions. I am otherwise in good health. I do have a lumbar back problem am managing. Can you help or have any recommendations. Thank you

    • Mary Ellen Smith says

      Please send me the video. Thanks!

  16. Angie says

    I would love to see the free video. Thank you!

  17. Myra Solorzano says

    Please send info for BPPV. Thanks!

  18. james hill says

    I would love to receive the video showing how to remedy the vertigo
    from Dr. Joe Childs

  19. shirley mounsey says

    I have vertigo…spinning. My doctor wants to operate. Is this wise?

  20. Tina says

    Have experienced vertigo on a few occasions in my life. It always comes on completely unexpectedly and seems very intense. This a.m., while still in bed, I began to feel dizzy. I opened my eyes and had the sensation that the room was spinning wildly. I still feel this sensation when I turn my head. Also experience what feels like Eustachian tube blockage, as if I have my finger in my ear blocking off sound, usually on the right side but sometimes on both sides. This has gone on for YEARS. In the past, I visited 3 different E.N.T.’s and had MRI, CT scan and sinus x-ray. They all sent me home with decongestants that didn’t alleviate the problem and caused me to lose my appetite and ability to sleep well. Would appreciate any help.

  21. Lie Demesa says

    Please send me more info and video home exercise to help my vertigo
    Thank you

  22. Sandy Nosker says

    Im 60 and started with some dizziness 6-8 mos ago when standing. This last week ended up in the er with vomiting with horrible dizziness. All tests r neg. Please send video.

  23. Belle Diaz says

    Please send me free more info regarding vertigo.

  24. Linda Nielson says

    Any info will be appreciated.

  25. Mary Nichols says

    Intermittent dizziness, loose balance, especially if looking up …Some temporary eye irritation, . Symptoms go away when I use DIVERTIGO topical oil.
    Thank you in advance..

  26. Ruth Bowling says

    I’ve been dealing with dizziness for years and I dance. I wish I knew what it was like to dance without feeling dizzy for once!!!

  27. Jeanne Haas says

    please send me more info. dr.’s cant help.

  28. Vickie Liskey says

    Please send info on vertigo.

  29. Debbie McClish says

    Please help I am so frustrated.

  30. says

    I have had spells of dizziness and feeling sick to my stomach for years a ENT prescribed Drixoral and that worked pretty well and I got older have high blood pressure and can’t take antihistamines and I have really been struggling I recently had a inflammation and a boney cyst removed from my ear ( I had been having spells again). I find when the weather changes and my sinuses act up is when I really get bad. I would appreciate your free video and help. Thank You Pat E

  31. karen glasgow says

    I have never had anything like this before. I am 55 yrs old. I went on the ride, tilt awhirl, at the fair and now I can’t stop spinning. Eyes fill crossed. Not able to focus. MY head hurts, stomach is upset, I feel tingling and almost like when youre drunk-really really drunk. I have never been able to lay on my back and look up like at the stars without feeling sick, but this is awful. Drving is near impossible. Depth perseption is out of wack. My left eye seems worse than the right. My ears feel fine. No ringing, no pain. No drainage or anything. I was fine before I got on the stupid ride!! Almost, almost as bad as a migrane…only been 10 hours, put its getting really annoying and I cannot just sleep which is what I want to do! Thank you so very much for any help you can send my way!

  32. Elizabeth E Castle says

    Please send me the free information regarding Vertigo.

  33. Rena says

    I have been dealing with vertigo for about 9 yrs now… I have been to dr after dr and all i get is they think i have excess wax in my ears… I cannot lay flat on my back, look straight up at the sky or lay my head over to the right without the entire room spinning and feeling like im going to vomit. Please help Thank You

  34. Rod Villeneuve says

    I am very dizzy. I use a cane but still fall. I appreciate any informationm, a video, ot other that van help mel
    Thank you

  35. bubba lewis says

    please email mo info about bppv…will vitamin C help r ginger etc,etc

  36. mark rinaudo says

    I had an accident on a ladder and fell off i had neck surgery and have vertigo can you send info P.S. i have fluid drainage also from ears.

  37. Carol Black says

    Please send any free information to help my mother-in-law, who fits the description described by Dr. Childs in the video. Thank you. cb

  38. Raynee Voit says

    I have had vertigo testing and every test came back normal. Please send me more information about vertigo. I would really like to go through the testing talked about in the video above.


  39. B Shelton says

    Please send me more information on vertigo.

  40. Grace Trypucko says

    I have had ALL images taken they can’t figure out my reason for Vertigo. iis it possible that hormones cause it?

  41. Vicente C. Tolentino Jr. says

    Good Day Doctor,

    My wife is suffering from vertigo & she undergo several tests such as plain brain x- ray, inserted camera in her ears to look for any abnormalities even advise to use ear phones with music .After the effort made by the Doctors the dizziness still prevalent. She was given Serc tablet 8mg to be taken every 8 hours. Her dizziness is unpredictable & I am worried of her situation please advise. My wife Elizabeth is now 71 years old her medicines taken every day are the following; Amvasc 5mg, metformin 500, carvid 6.5 mg., vastarel 35 mg., simbastatin 10mg.& she was advise to take omega 3, glucosamine sulfate, caltrate plus, & centrum silver. I am looking forward for your benevolent advise . Thanks a lot.

  42. Phyllis Bollinger says

    This is my 10th day with Vertigo.The ENT Dr.prescribed Fiorcet and motion sickness patches.Neither have helped.She said to go the the ER at my hospital.I do not want to go the ER.I have been doing the Eppley exercise’s at home.I need advice.
    Thank you,Phyllis

  43. Sue Abramovitz says

    Request info on vertigo from Dr. joseph Childs

  44. says

    i am now recently become a widow and have to care for our 5 yr old daughter.ive been to er and could barely stand up my whole world especially me was spinning round and round.i also had a severe headache and vomitting accompany this.the scarey part was i would go out and couldnt stay awake and kept telling drs i couldnt at the er.they did know test on me assumed and gave me mechlizine for inner ear w/out doing anything other than talk and ask me about my symptoms..i thought i was actually dying and i was very scared and told them this.the med worked some but didnt control my full dizziness i still had it about 1/2 lightened up once got that med for the inner ear. i also was scared about not being able to stay awake id talk to someone and then next minute id be in a dead snoring sleep and i dont snore regularly either and this was happening before i even went to hospital and continued while i had to wait 7 hrs before i was even called back and checked.the room would spin if i was still and if i tried to get up i was falling and when id walk id be bent head first over and was running into the walls when id try to walk. i really would love to see the video please.also, today i began getting up in my bed knew right away when i turned over oh no here we go again.not sleepy this time but once i finally stood up ive had dizziness of my self in turning my head and moving about today nothing bad as my first incident i had.today ive kept dizziness bending over to pick up something and within turning my head side to side.i need some help cause i have no one to help me with my 5 yr old when i have episodes like this happen..please mail me by email or by snail mail the video..also with the one today i didnt get up like last time with sever headache but it did start and get bad toward the evening yesterday and so far only mild nausea this time no vomitting like last…thank u in advance for providing me with any info that may could benefit or help me…desperate here in va.

  45. says

    My daughter MIcaela is 15 years old with vertigo and dizzy spells. Dealing with migranes. People including doctors not finding anything wrong. Chiropractor says that a bone in her neck is out of place. Suffered sever concussion 2 years ago which kept her out of school for 6 months. We need to get some help.

  46. says

    All of a sudden I start spinning , dizzy and sometimes trough up , when over I get a bad headache and it last most of day .
    Can you help

  47. Margaret Smelser says

    I suffer with vertigo, which hit me unexpectedly a weekago. A doctor told me once to take a
    antihistimene for it and it does help some, but in the meantime I am homebound because I can’t
    go anywhere by myself. I have had this problem off and on for years but this last time it hit me really
    hard. I would like to have more information. This last time when it hit, thank God I was beside the bed.
    I fell over on the bed and I felt like I was walking. Please help.

  48. says

    I have been to ER,my docotor, my chiropractor. I have been to dizzy to get full adjustment. He just did my neck I am sick of being dizzy. 49 yr old female.

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