Home Remedies For Bloating

Having issues with bloating? Home remedies for bloating are what you need right away. Commonly caused by swelling of the abdominal area, the condition can cause a person to feel a kind of fullness and tightness within the abdomen area. In some cases a person may also experience pain.

It is caused by several reasons but if the cause is found to be due to the accumulation of liquid within the abdominal cavity, they problem is known as Ascites in medical term. Luckily though, there are several home remedies to give you relief from the swelling and the pain.

But quite obviously, all these remedies depend greatly on the cause of bloating. Here is a look at the home remedies for bloating which can prove to be quite a relief for you.

home remedies for bloating

Home Remedies For Bloating

If constipation is the chief cause for bloating you can treat it simply by eating fruits. Apart from that, a bit of exercising, drinking water and taking foods with high fiber content can also be used to take care of constipation which will eventually put an end to bloating. Read more about constipation home remedy here.

Gas is another possible cause of bloating. One home remedy for bloating caused by gas is to drink carbonated water. It encourages belching which throws the gas out of your body and hence relieves you from bloating. You can also choose to chew on Celery seeds or drink Chamomile tea, fennel tea, ginger tea or peppermint tea.

home remedy for bloating

Apart from the above there are also some general methods to cure bloating. Lemonade has also been known to relieve bloating symptoms rather effectively. Also, you should stay away from cold drinks until you are fully recovered from the bloating condition.

Not only that, another one of the most effective home remedies for bloating is to perform exercise as a self-relief. The exercise involves kneeling down on both knees and sitting on your legs. Staying in this position for around 20-30 minutes can effectively take care of bloating.

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