Cranberry Capsules

Cranberry capsules are created as a very good alternative for those who specifically hate the sour taste of cranberries. Although cranberries can be found in a wide range of products such as frozen cranberries, cranberry juice among others, the health benefits of taking cranberry capsules are just as great as taking fresh bright red cranberry.

As cranberries are highly acidic, they contain various type of acids such as malic and citric acid. It is these acids that give the cranberry its sour taste. Cranberries are also rich in polyphenolic antioxidants which contain anti-cancer properties. In fact, it can also help prevent cardiovascular disease among people who take cranberry regularly.

Another one of the most powerful property that many other fruits such as mango and orange lack is its anti-adhering property. Cranberry has the ability to prevent pathogens to adhere to the wall of the bladder or the urinary system and therefore reduces the chance of getting a urinary tract infection since bateria find it hard to stick to the wall of the urinary system, let alone infect.

cranberry capsules

Cranberry Capsules

Why cranberry capsules? Cranberry capsule offers many benefits over ordinary cranberry products as it contains no added sugar and is ideal for people with diabetes or other health problems. By taking cranberry capsule, it is as good as having 2 glasses of cranberry juice, and best of all you do not have to endure the awful taste of cranberry which some people simply do not like.

Taken everyday, cranberry can benefits health in many ways especially the health of the urinary system. Not only can it get rid of bladder infection or urinary tract infections (UTI), it can also prevent the formation of kidney stones. As cranberry is an acidic fruit, it increases the acidity level of the urine when taken regularly and thus helping reduce the risk of kidney stones from developing.

Although cranberry has been a great bladder infection home remedy, there is no real scientific evidence that has found taking cranberry supplements can cure other non-infection bladder related problems such as overactive bladder, flaccid or atonic bladder.

cranberry capsule

However, studies have found that taking cranberry capsules daily can help reduce the amount of bacteria and witnessed a drop in white blood cell count in the urine, meaning a reduction of inflammation or an infection. In conclusion, cranberry is a great remedy for reducing the risks of UTI significantly.

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