Stomach Gurgling?

It’s a nagging feeling that can be very loud and often have you wondering whether or not others can hear it. What is being discussed? Stomach gurgling, of course! And the answer is yes, other people can actually hear it which is why the other popular nickname is “stomach noise”.

Everyone experiences it at some point and that’s because of many different causes. Most people assume it has to do with being hungry and that can be true. However, regardless of the reason, the stomach gurgling is often followed by abdominal pain and even bloating in some cases. It’s an uncomfortable feeling that can also be quite embarrassing.

stomach gurgling

Stomach Gurgling Causes

And, what are some of the causes of this stomach noise? As mentioned earlier, hunger is typically the main reason for stomach gurgling. If you’ve skipped a meal, then you are guaranteed to be reminded by your tummy followed by hunger pains. This is your body’s obvious way of informing you that it needs something to digest. In this case, the only way to calm your stomach muscles is to consume enough food to appease it.

However, you want to make sure that you don’t ingest too much as that can cause stomach gurgling as well. Another common cause for this stomach noise is consuming a large amount of carbonated drinks. The gas found in these particular drinks can upset the stomach muscles causing them to accelerate into hyper drive and begin gurgling. This also occurs when you consume a large amount of food and can also lead to bloating problems. Regardless, it’s a nuisance and definitely a very uncomfortable feeling.

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The fact is that stomach gurgling is caused when your stomach muscles and small intestines begin contracting for many of the reasons mentioned above. This happens many times throughout the day, but often cannot be heard. However, when the stomach begins working into overdrive and starts to move contents around for digestion, this is when the sound becomes audible to others. Not to worry, just because you’re experiencing this before and after meals doesn’t mean that you will need any medical attention.

But, for those that experience this on a regular basis even after eating a small amount of food, then there may be more serious underlying issues that have been causing stomach gurgling. This also means that the abdominal pain increases and you are most likely to be experiencing diarrhea on a regular basis too. If you are experiencing sudden excruciating pain, then you might be affected by stomach bugs. Read more about it here. This is a clear sign that something serious is occurring and will need further treatment. For instance, Gastroesophageal Reflux and Irritable Bowel Syndrome are common causes for the gurgling and need to be treated by your doctor. This involves changing your diet, eating more times a day with smaller meals, and in severe cases, medication will need to be used. More on treating Gastroesophageal Reflux with acid indigestion treatments here.

stomach gurgling causes

So, if you’ve been suffering from stomach gurgling and are embarrassed by the audible sound that can be heard by others, figure out if it’s due to your eating habits or if it’s something a bit more serious. The amount of times it occurs will tell you if a doctor visit might be needed. However, if it is simply due to lack of eating or eating too much, it’s time to spread out your three regular meals a day into five or six meals of smaller portion each day. You’ll be surprised at how quickly this will diminish the stomach noise. Regardless of what you choose, just understand that stomach gurgling is very common and is experienced by everyone. It’s a natural part of the digestive system and luckily enough, you have some control.

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