Lymphedema Compression Sleeve

Lymphedema compression sleeve is a garment that is used to help reduce the swelling and pain from the symptoms of lymphedema. Lymphedema is a incurable chronic condition where the fluid of the lymph builds up in the affected parts of the body such as the legs, feet and arms.

Lymphedema compression sleeve is used and aimed to reduce the swelling that occurs in the arm caused by these accumulated lymph fluids. It helps by compressing the targeted areas forcing the accumulated fluids to move thereby reducing the swelling gradually.

These sleeve garments are recommended by physicians and doctors around the world for wearing after operations, surgeries as well as other reasons that involves the lymphatic systems such as the removal of lymph nodes due to breast cancer, breast tumors and so on.

Lymphedema Compression Sleeve

Lymphedema compression sleeve is comes in various sizes and is usually determined according to the measurement of the arm. It is an elastic fitting garment that puts pressure on and around one’s arm.

Sometimes, compression gauntlet are also used along side the compression sleeve so as to effectively moves the fluids of the lymph out of the limb. For maximum effect, the compression garment will exert the most pressure on the area around the wrist while then gradually decreases as it moves up the sleeve.

lymphedema compression sleeve

Besides the arms, the chronic condition of lympedema could also happen on other body parts especially on the legs, ankles and feet. In that case, not only lymphedema compression sleeve is needed for the arm, other specifically designed compression garments for that particular body part is also required. Common compression garment such as socks, stockings and even pantyhose are used. Find more information about these lymphedema compression garments here.

Fitting a Lymphedema Sleeve

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