How To Detect Kidney Infection

Untreated kidney infection or simply wrong diagnosis can bring more harm than good. Often many people do not associate back pain as a sign of kidney infection. There is often a misconception in this regard. So in actual, is kidney infection the cause of back pain? Not necessarily. Although the infection can cause back pain just like muscle strain or any other injuries to the back, it is not always the case. Typically to differentiate between a kidney infection and any other injuries, one has to first understand the kidneys location and position in the body. As there are two kidneys in the body both located on the opposite side of the spine and positioned right above the hips, pain from a kidney infection generally happens at these areas.

How To Detect Kidney Infection

Usually the origin of the pain is from the organ itself but in some cases, kidney pain can come from various parts of the body too. This has often resulted in the sufferer thinking that the pain is not caused by kidney infection but rather a typical back injury. This has therefore resulted in untreated kidney infection. To avoid overlooking the signs and symptoms of kidney infection, the only effective way to tell between a kidney infection and a general back pain is to know how to differentiate the feeling of the pain sensations. Pain from the organ itself is usually acute in nature where the feeling has a very quick onset. Unlike back pain caused by injury which does not go away as rapidly, kidney pain stops as soon as, or even before the infection goes away.

detecting untreated kidney infection
Back pain one of the more common untreated kidney infection symptoms

What Are The Symptoms Of Kidney Infection

Besides that, more severe kidney infection could also shows symptoms such as fever, blood in the urine and painful urination. Although the symptoms may or may not appear depending on the severeness of the infection itself, it is best that you get the problem diagnosed by a certified medical practitioner or doctor to rule out any infection in the kidney. Kidney infection is a serious problem and if left untreated could lead to the loss of a kidney, blood intoxication or even death in some extreme cases. Kidney infection if left untreated is in fact very dangerous. The mainstream treatment and cure for a kidney infection is antibiotic. Currently, this is deemed the best cure to get rid of kidney infection.

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  1. Misty Renick says

    Im nervous because for the past month my urine has had an odor and and now my left side of my back hurts. It hurts right at the bottom of my ribs just on my left side, i can even rub it and it feels a little better. So do you think its my kidney? I dont have any insurance yet so i didnt want have to go to the e.r

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