Cloudy Urine

Cloudy urine are worrying signs of serious health problems. Although there are certain cases where a cloudy urine is regarded as normal, you should never take it so lightly if you ever experience one. A normal urine should be clear and yellowish in color.

A urine that is cloudy on the other hand looks somewhat milky and is difficult to see through. Sometimes, it may be accompanied by bad odor or smell. It may even be brown or red in color especially if you have blood in your urine. Although a urine that is cloudy is not a disease by itself, it is a symptom of underlying health conditions.

Therefore, upon the first encounter with a urine that looks cloudy, you should be alert. If your subsequent urinations are also cloudy or that the symptom persists especially with acute pain or blood in your urine, you should consult your medical doctor for a checkup.

However if the sign appears only once and your subsequent urination looks normal, then you should be fine. It might be due to the foods that you ear.

cloudy urine

Cloudy Urine

What causes cloudy urine? Why does it appear? Well, as you have known that there are numerous causes of this issue, one of the most common cause is urinary tract infection. Also known as UTI or cystitis, the infection of the urinary tract causes inflammation particularly on the bladder.

UTI or bladder infection not only causes the urine to cloud, it can also cause other symptoms such as frequent urination, pain as well as burning sensation while urinating. You can get rid of the inflammation of the bladder with this bladder infection home remedy.

Another common cause is the development of kidney stones and bladder stones. Kidney stones affect the kidney and may cause severe and extreme sharp pain around the kidney region. Although it also causes cloudy urine, kidney stone can result in one of the most agonizing pain you have ever endured.

You should consult your doctor immediately if you experience these symptoms. Apart from that, injury and blood in the urine has also been known to cause the urine to turn cloudy and with a slight to strong reddish or brownish color depending on the amount of blood that has been diluted in the urine.

Nonetheless, you could go to your doctor if you believe you are suffering from any of these signs. You might want to visit your doctor early so that you doctor can run a diagnosis to rule out any possible problems, and to give you proper medication such as antibiotics to get rid of infections.

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