Korean Cosmetics Review : Why Are They So Popular?

Looking for a Korean cosmetics review? Korean cosmetics has been a hit in not just Asia but also among western countries. But why are Korean cosmetics so popular? As Korea is a country where they are more females than males (about 70% of the populations are females), there is no doubt that ladies products there have become so popular.

korean cosmetics review

When stepping into a beauty shop in Korea, their Korean cosmetics can never be omitted. In fact, their prominence has spread beyond their Korean borders. With the broad fame of Korean pop culture, Koreans’ influence on other people has gone a long way – from fashions and hairstyles to cosmetics and others.

There are quite a number of new Korean cosmetic brands in the markets nowadays, but even with their rather new presence, they have been much accepted that their bigger and more established counterparts have been affected. To tell the truth, Korea’s cosmetics industry has even grew by 12.5% to US$6.4 billion.

Best Korean Cosmetics

Most of the top Korean cosmetic brands such as The Face Shop, Skinfood, Missha cosmetics and Innisfree cosmetics are all created and manufactured from pure 100% natural ingredients, making them more appealing to women who are more concerned about going natural. Besides that, they are also so attractively packaged that women are attracted to them right away.

This form of packaging the products in beautiful boxes is deemed extremely vital to capture the women’s market. A great example of top Korean beauty products are The Odbo skin care products created and distributed by The Face Shop in Korea. The odbo products are very popular even around the Asia region.

The high amount of spending on cosmetics and skincare products alone in Korea can never be questioned as being physically beautiful is a great deal to Koreans. In fact, Koreans have even set their own criteria for what beauty should be defined as; fresh-looking, chiseled face, flawless and translucent skin.

Not only you will see Korean women are up to their own products, even women from other Asian countries too are going crazy over these Korean beauty products. There is however, an obvious advantage of choosing Korean cosmetics over the western counterparts as Korean cosmetics tend to be cheaper.

Apart from the cheaper costs, often Korean cosmetic products yields about the same or even better results. Korean cosmetics are now so established that their niche and presence are all over the world, thus earning them a remarkable place in the field of beauty and cosmetic products.

The Korean Beauty Secret

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  1. indriani says

    i am from indonesia, i was bought some product of adbo when i visit korea before, now i cant find this product in indonesia.. can i order by online?

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