How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally

Wondering how to get glowing skin naturally? Simple. There are in fact many methods that you can use to obtain a skin that glows but one of the most effective natural remedies is to use lemon. Just as lemon is great for eliminating excessive oil, it is also an excellent ingredient for a natural glowing skin.

Unless you are using 100% natural skin care products or cleanser, you can forget about them as most of these over the counter skin care products are loaded with chemicals as well as other harmful non-organic ingredients that may damage the skin and cause pre-mature aging. Some may even cause sensitive skins. But using a lemon works just as great minus the damaging effects. Here’s how you can do it.

how to get glowing skin naturally

How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally

Begin by purchasing fresh lemons from your local supermarket. They should be as fresh as possible. Now, take one lemon and slice them into several pieces. Then squeeze out the juice into a small bowl. Once done, wash your face and do not wipe it dry with a face towel. Let your face a little wet and then slowly and gently apply the squeezed lemon juice over your face.

As soon as the lemon juice touches your face, it removes dry and dead cells that are dull looking from your face, leaving you a fresh trail, clean and glowing feel on your skin. Besides, lemon also as a natural astringent which kills off bacteria on the skin. Additionally, it also helps remove oils, as well as helps tighten your skin.

After you have cleaned your face, gently use a towel to pat dry, do not rub your face with the towel. Finally, apply some lotion to your face so as to moisturize and revitalize your skin cells. You should repeat this how to get glowing skin naturally steps for about two to three times a week. You should start noticing the difference within the first week of use.

So start now by getting yourself some lemons today. Alternatively, you can also try using mung beans as home remedies for glowing skin, you can read the article here.

Find out about home remedies for glowing skin by performing regular exercise and workout too. Exercising is a great way to help improves skin texture and complexion as it enhances the blood flow or circulation throughout the body, particularly to the skin.

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  1. Marina says

    Are you supposed to wash the lemon juice off your face?

    • Jenny Trame says

      You can just apply the squeezed lemon juice like you would do with any ordinary facial cleanser. Then gently and slowly massage it into your skin. Lemon is great for skin as it not only helps kill bacteria, you also get cleaner, glowing and fresh looking face through regular use.

    • Jenny Trame says

      lime may work too but lemon is preferred because it contains the highest amount of citric acid (~5% to 6%) as compared to limes or even oranges. Lemon works best!

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