Blind Pimple Treatment

Affected by blind pimple? Wondering what is the best blind pimple treatment available today? Like all other types of pimples, they are generally caused by the swelling of skin as a result of skin pores getting clogged. This can either be caused by dust particles or hormonal changes of the body.

They are practically caused by the same issues. The only basic difference between a common pimple and a blind pimple is that the latter do not have a head whereas the former has one which can also be a colored head.

blind pimple treatment

Blind Pimple Treatment

If you want to know on how to get rid of this blind pimple you should not squeeze them with you fingers. This is because it can cause infection that will spread around the areas and make your acne problem even worse. Not only that, it can also cause permanent damage to your skin and could result in acne scars.

Having blind pimple can be a lot of pain and gets very painful especially when you try to pop them out. Since you would not be able to find their heads, it is rather hard to get rid of them. Though not at all impossible, you can still eliminate them by using these remedies.

One of the most reliable ways is to apply toothpaste to the area that has a blind pimple. This may seem like a rather weird procedure, but the fact that the chemicals contained in the toothpaste can help reduce the size of the pimple, and help prevent soreness and redness.

One must also change their diet in order to stop these blind pimples permanently. Most importantly, one must stop or cutting down on acidic foods. These foods can cause acne to worsen, Besides, one should also watch their diet to eat healthily.

When one’s diet is poor, he or she may not be going to get all the essential vitamins and minerals that the skin needs to stay healthy. Nonetheless, one of the easiest way to improve one’s diet is to start eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.

blind pimple treatments

One may also like to try using a spot treatment cream which contains benzoyl peroxide as its active ingredients. Alternatively, 100 percent anti-acne tea-tree oil can also work just as well. Tea tree oil is a great natural cure used as cystic acne home remedy. While these blind pimple treatment would work, but if the condition gets worse and become severe, the best option would be to consult a dermatologist. He or she can suggest the best treatment options available for you such as anti-biotic prescriptions; depending on the stage of the acne and skin type.

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